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For Gun commando we teamed up with Abstraction games and created the cutscenes for their game.

Gun Commando is an old-school shooter like Duke Nukem 3d and Doom. Straight forward and action packed gameplay, retro style graphics and an elegant weapon progression system that keeps player coming back. Get ready to relive the magic on iOS or PlayStation®Mobile – one of the must play games on PSM according to with unparalleled precision thanks to in-house developed touch controls, making this “old-school, new cool” a blast to play on touch devices.

Run and gun
In Gun Commando, you play a tousle-haired gun-wielding agent of some law enforcement agency who's tasked with ridding the world of an alien infestation. The bad guys in question look a bit like they've been lifted from a Metroid game, but they'll punch and shoot you all the same.


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