App - Ginga Football Trainer


For Ginga Football Trainer we teamed up with Vici Games and created 3D and 2D assets, motion capture animations and inteface.

About the app:

Marcel Lucassen is Specialist Technique and Tactics trainer for the German National Team. In this app he teaches you specific exercises which can help you to out play difficult situations. Since 2008  he is individual technique and tactics trainer at the DFB below 21. He often leads the team training with an emphasis on the development of individual talent. He is in regular contact with the trainers of  ”The Nationalmannschaft” on the detail of coaching top players in relation to the game philosophy. Also in the trainer courses in the DFB and other unions, and professional clubs he regularly sponsor and advisor.

Each movement of the body, how small it might be, is explained. This gives you the opportunity to learn the exercises into perfection. Practicing the movements enables better technique and improves your overall ball precision. Practice might make perfect, but when you practise beyond perfection, you can become more efficient. Researchers looked at how test subjects learned particular reaching movements using a robotic arm. They found that after perfecting the movements, the test subjects were able to complete the movements while expending far less energy than before.  In depth “muscle knowledge” therefore increases your endurance!

The application is downloadable in the AppStore.  A  sample pack is for free. Each package contains 6 exercises which become gradually more difficult. Mastering each exercise will construct fundamental learning for the next exercise. 


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