Monster Tracker


Monster Tracker is a project of game studio Rough cookie, Artking studio supplied character concepts for this great game. 

Hunt. Battle. Capture
So you want to be a Monster Tracker, huh?
Youre going to need a steady hand, strong heart, and a squad of powerful monsters.Start your adventure by choosing from Sprinkley, the cute, crystallinestudded tail water dragon, Boulder Bill, a solemn ball of earth, or Houtskool, the gravitydefying fire rock, and then take to the hunting grounds to track down more 
Were Beta Your experience may change and your feedback is welcome as we continue to improve the game.
Battle, capture, and collect dozens of rare amp; powerful monsters
Explore lava caves, rocky crags, serene waterfalls and more
Feed your monster to level up new monsters to unlock new skills and minigames

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